Mixed Media Artist

...Creatively weird...

Multitudes // 24” x 36” // Acrylics, pen and ink, oil pastels

Welcome to a small corner of my world.

I have a selection of my original art here for you to check out. I work in multiple media, including acrylics paints and inks, oil pastels, watercolour, pen and ink, collage and digital manipulation.

I also weave, and am working on a weaving/painting hybrid that hopefully will not become sentient and destroy the world. It is a risk that I am willing to take in the name of creativity.

Some of the things that interest me are bodies, especially broken ones (40 years of chronic immune issues and then, well, see About me), disconnection, communication, anatomy, colours, texture, odd creatures, strange realities and all things psychological.

I did trauma counselling (as a therapist) (yeah, also as a client) and am very familiar with the absurdities and general wackiness of the human species. I have a dark sense of humour. No idea why though…

I like art that makes me think and I hope that what I create makes someone else think too. I have a lot of fun, make a huge mess and never put things back where they belong. I do not colour inside the lines. Don’t tell me what to do, lines!

So feel free to wander around and check out my galleries (4 at the moment). Give me feedback, send Shira a message, generally waste some time here instead of elsewhere.

Exposure to arts and culture is good for you and hopefully not depressing - we know that social media has it’s down side. Unless you are on my Instagram. Then it is okay.

Unusually clean hands and surfaces - not normal!