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How to make an excellent first impression through SEO


As I mentioned in the previous post, the Ladysmith Arts Council presentation also featured Inga Petri, from Strategic Moves. Frankly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes my head hurt. I have tried reading about it and know that it is apparently an important part of getting your message out if you want to sell something or get noticed.

Inga suggested searching yourself on various engines, especially Google, to see what someone searching for you would find. Is that the first impression you want to have?

For me, I pretty much cleared all my online presence due to being involved in litigation around the brain injury. So searching Janine Shea, I have usually found a gym owner in Colorado, whose online presence has really increased lately, and a porn star. My website was the first mention that was me, on page 4. Adding artist or Victoria brings me up faster.

SEO, social sharing, search marketing, events, urls, title tags, meta data and other tags are useful tools to drive people your way. Having a strategy for your total digital presence, having a consistent and unified message across all platforms, is essential. People will search for you and see what you want to be putting forward.

I have this website and my Instagram. I am not sure how much I want to do in this area, or at least if I decide to do it, I will hire someone. It is just not my thing.

Oh, final tip - optimize your web presence for use on mobile devices, not desktops. Most people will find you that way first.

The webinar with Inga was recorded and and you can watch it here. I highly recommend it. It is the one that shows Terry O’Reilly, although for copyright reasons his talk is not available. There are links to the other talks that have taken place, which may be of interest.