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Figs for everyone!

It is the time of year that it is usually quite hot for Victoria. This year, it has been a strange summer and it rained today. It has been fairly humid and my desire to create art is taking a backseat to, well, doing very little creating but a decent amount of background stuff.

August seems to be an in-between month. Back-to-school ads are on, people are off on holidays and Fall is around the corner. I feel the lure of new beginnings in September, still strong despite not being in school for a while. I do have several things starting, which I will talk about soon. Plus, I love fall.

In the garden, we are being overwhelmed by figs. The tree is producing more now than in the past three years put together. Our neighbor tried to give us some but I am trying to give them away as there is no way we can keep up with the ones on our tree. On the other hand, tomatoes are sparse. Last year we had lots. My kohlrabi produced about 5 before something ate the plants. John has had some zucchini, and my cherry bomb pepper plant is ripening to a gorgeous red.

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